Prof. Dr. Ir. Iwa Garniwa M K, MT

Currently the world is facing the threat of an energy crisis, including electrical energy. Several things that we can observe as factors that trigger the threat of the energy crisis include the depletion of fossil fuel reserves, rising production, distribution costs, etc.

Nowadays, more than 60% of electricity production still uses fossil fuels. This condition is a major challenge that must be resolved immediately because the government has targeted the use of renewable energy in stages in electricity production, which in 2025 the target of using renewable energy in Indonesia is 23%. Then in 2030, it will reach 25% and in 2060, Indonesia will have achieved net zero emission.

“Let’s Synergize, Welcoming “The Future of Energy is Electricity”

ITPLN has done many things as a form of contribution to electricity in Indonesia. The most basic thing is the name of the faculty according to the role of the graduate in the electricity industry later. These include: the Faculty of Electricity and Renewable Energy, the Faculty of Telematics Energy, the Faculty of Technology and Energy Business, and the Faculty of Infrastructure Technology and Territory. This will foster a sense of belonging for the entire academic community to direct themselves according to the chosen field. In addition, the curriculum and syllabus are also adjusted to the learning objectives to be achieved. We also prepare practicing lecturers who are ready to provide knowledge not only from the academic side but also from the field side.

Institut Teknologi PLN (ITPLN) is one of the 4 Pillars of PT PLN (Persero), and with the hope that ITPLN can make a real contribution to Indonesia’s electricity, we are committed to producing graduates who are able to support government policies, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is about improving research by continuing to innovate so that it can improve graduate quality. Those things can be achieved by providing character strengthening provisions and excellent programs for students through research activities, community service, and skills and practice in the industrial world. With those programs, students will have more abilities so that they can answer the challenges of market/community needs.

“Jalan jalan ke Jakarta Raya…
Jangan lupa beli cinderamata yang unik…
Kita yakin dan percaya….
Institut Teknologi PLN, paling Terbaik!”

I hope this website can provide useful information and bridge stakeholders and the public who want to get to know Institut Teknologi PLN further.