Indonesia is a beautiful country with great diversity and potential. Natural resources are very abundant with 17 thousand islands and 260 million human population, and it becomes a challenge in presenting energy in this country.
As the Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta continues to improve for the nation’s mutual fame. This city is the heart of Indonesian life, such as education, the economy, as well as the central government whose existence continues to be developed so that it requires a lot of existing energy supplies. The need for environmentally friendly energy is an important part of the life of a country.
Therefore, INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI PLN is here to prepare human resources to manage the energy system.

The advantage of ITPLN is that the CURRICULUM is adapted to the industrial needs that makes ITPLN graduates are needed on many job fairs in Indonesia and the world. ITPLN has complete and leading LABORATORY FACILITIES in electricity sector and become the benchmark for student success in developing themselves and gaining competence. ITPLN provides CERTIFICATION of COMPETENCIES that improve students competence and selling points for the industrial world through national and international level certification.