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The Academic Community of the PLN Institute of Technology has various achievements in both academic and non-academic fields as well as on a national or international scale. To see more please click here

A curriculum that is adapted to industrial needs will make IT-PLN graduates very much needed in the job market in Indonesia and the world

Improving student competencies and “selling points” for the industrial world through national and international level certifications.

– Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
– English Language Test (ELT)
– Electricity Competency Certificate (DJK)

Hybrid of Academics and Practitioners, so that graduates can understand both theory and the real world (Real World)

The most complete and leading laboratory in the Electricity Sector is a benchmark for students’ success in developing themselves and gaining competence.

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Competent in the concentration of Renewable Energy, Electric Power, Industrial Electronics, Electricity Utilization and Electric Power Distribution.

– Master of Electrical Engineering

– S1 Electrical Engineering

– S1 Electrical Power Engineering

– S1 Energy System

– D3 Electrical Technology

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The main purpose of the existence of the Faculty of Energy Technology and Business is to contribute in preparing experts both undergraduate and diploma in the fields of technology, industry and business.

– S1 Mechanical Engineering

– S1 Industrial Engineering

– S1 Enterpreneurship

– D3 Mechanical Engineering


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Competent in Concentration in Construction, Structure and Hydro Management.

– S1 Civil Engineering

– S1 Environmental Engineering

– S1 Geography

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Competent in the concentration of Information Systems and Software Engineering, Networks and Intelligent Network Computers

– S1 Informatics Engineering

– S1 Information Systems

– S1 Computer System engineering (Coming Soon)

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